Fluidized bed cooler




The VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH is already developing since 2007 a method for fuel gas cleaning by fluidized bed cooling (WSK). The WSK technology is used for rapid cooling of the fuel gas after the gasifier or directly to a combustion chamber. This is the cooling of gases with temperatures above 700°C to 100 - 150°C. The technology for gas purification can be used for diverse methods and different materials.


As a complete gas cleaning system are further processing steps following: a dry gas cleaning with dust filter and further cooling of the gas with a heat exchanger. After compressing a part of the treated fuel gas recirculates for more stability of the fluidized bed cooler. The fuel gas is now as clean gas for further use.


WSK I - 2007


The first WSK system is based on the development by VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH in 2007 as a pilot plant for the Technical University of Dresden, in the framework of the project: "Studies on the interfaces between biological and thermochemical biomass gasification", for fuel gas cleaning for a wood gasification planned and built.

Mr. R. Roscher has studied for his diploma work on this technology and cost-effective fuel gas cleaning for biomass gasification of small and medium power stage.


  • Nominal diameter DN 250
  • total heigh 4 m
  • ca. 50 Nm³/h

WSK II - 2008/09


On behalf of the DEUSA International GmbH designed VER GmbH a test system for fuel gas cooling and cleaning of combustion gases from the thermal recovery of high calorific waste plastics.

The fuel gas cleaning system includes the main components of WSK, dust filters, activated carbon filters and scrubbers. In an extensive series of proof of compliance with the required clean gas quality was provided.

Now the pilot plant is available for more experiments and other locations.


  • 150 - 160 Nm³/h fuel gas flow rate

WSK III - 2010/11


The Fraunhofer institut "Fabrikbetrieb und -automatisierung" (IFF) in Magdeburg commissioned the VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH with the planning and construction of a fuel gas cleaning system.


  • up to 600 Nm³/h fuel gas from wood gasification

WSK IV - 2011/12


For the upgrading of the gasification plant of plastic waste commissioned DEUSA International GmbH the VER Verfahrensingnieure GmbH. 

Currently, among other things is the design of a fluidized bed cooler.
After successful tests (WSK II) now the design of gas cleaning is done according to the customer requests for a larger flow.


  • design for 4.000 Nm³/h fuel gas