Realization of the flue gas recirculaion on Oxycoal-AC test station for nitrogen-free combustion of coal


Orderer: RWTH Aachen




The VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH was commissioned by the RWTH Aachen in the planning, procurement, construction and commissioning of the complex flue gas recirculation system.

With the partial return of CO2 as oxidant is an addition of 800°C hot oxygen in the circulating gas. Atmospheric nitrogen is thus completely kept out from the combustion process.

This leads to an optimization of the combustion efficiency and very low NOx emissions. This resulting flue gas consist only of CO2, which may be optionally ca stored.




  • 03/2008: Ordering, preparation of planning documents and complete assemply,
  • 12/2088: Decrease of the total system by the client,
  • 04/2009: Oxycoal-operating with coal, oxygen and carbon dioxide circuit.


More information can be found here.