All projects for Engineering in an overview

2021 bis heute...


BMWi research project "VERENA" for chemical recycling !

  1. Thermochemical material conversion of residual and waste materials.
  2. Production of fuels for material conversion within the scope of the project.
  3. Execution of fuel tests, cooperation in gasification tests.
  4. Design and planning of gasification systems and system components.




VZR Process Center Reichstädt GmbH:

  • Product development and processing of pine coniferous wood to:
  1. pine pellets as animal bedding, 



  • XINWEN MINIG GROUP CO, Synfuels China (Institut of Coal Chemistry), e.g.

DWT-Presentation in China

  • CHOREN Industries GmbH

Study on drying of 2 Million tons coal in China

  • Central Arava Regional Council, e.g.

Study for 1 till 2 MW power biomass gasification (Israel: Arava, Negev-desert)

  • DEUSA International GmbH

Study to prepare the market launch of the DMSV-plant for gasification of RDF




  • Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH

Tests to dry different materials in Switzerland




  • DEUSA International GmbH

Preparation of approval documents of a multi-stage gasification plant for plastic waste

  • GfE GmbH

Study on the recovery of vanadium from bitumen by using fluidized bed gasification

  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Study on DWT (steam-fluidized bed-drying)




  • Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH, VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Completion of a collaboration and licensing agreement for DFT / CFT - Procedures


  • HMS-Bergbau AG, VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

State analysis for tar sludge pelletizing of Sustec GmbH in Schwarze Pumpe




  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

Research and development contract in the context of promoting technology

  •  DEUSA International GmbH

Experimental procedure for gas conditioning of gasification plant




  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Study on the processing of olive pomace in Spain




  • OZEN-Plus Sp.o.o.

Analysis/evaluation of the charcoal factory under construction specifically the part wood pyrolysis, pyrolysis gas combustion and waste heat utilization

  • DEUSA International GmbH

Reengineering of the gas treatment for the thermolysis plant

  • Zarnack Holding GmbH

Creation of a short prelimenary business plan for financing

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik Lockwitz GmbH & Co. KG

Decision document for the restructuring of GUD-HKW Siebenlehn

  • eta AG engineering

Planning permission for the erection of a large-size CombiPowerPlus for the gasification of RESH

  • RWTH Aachen

Development and implementation planning for a flue gas rezirculation for OXYCOAL-AC process




  • René Roscher

Elaboration of the thesis: "Design, construction and testing of a fluidized bed cooler  for tar reduction in wood gas" during the investment planning of a fluidized bed cooler at the Technical University of Dresden

  • eta AG engineering

Planning services for the construction of a pilot plant for gasification (type CombiPower) of calorific feedstocks

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG / TW Coswig

Study: Heat supply of the City Coswig through the use of an alternative energy carrier substance

  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

Process design of a CombiCompact-gasification plant in modular design

  • Pyral GmbH Freiberg

Consulting services to optimize the existing gasification plant

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Study: Feasibily and efficiency of a wood incinerator for waste wood




  • Technical University Dresden

Design, construction and production of a fluidized bed cooler with tar binding fluidization

  • Vattenfall Mining AG

Study: State of the technology of drying processes for raw lignite

  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

Thermal design of a drying plant (3 MW)

  • Technical University Dresden

Tests to gasify digestate from the biogas production in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden

  • Sustec SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Tests on drying and pelleting behavior of coal slurry at tar sludge pelletizing plant

  • WV Wärmeversorgung Großenhain (heat supply)

Study: Calculation of the heat supply area "Kupferberg"




  • CEBra-Centrum für Energietechnologie Brandenburg e.V.

Study: Selection and design of a biomass gasification plant with 200 kW thermal

  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Study: Development of fuel-energy coupling process for the simultaneous production of electricity and methanol from brown coal

  • Dresdner Spitzen GmbH

Location-based energy industry investigation

  • WV Wärmeversorgung Großenhain (heat supply)

Study: Application of the method CombiPower for generating electricity and heat from wood, according to the EEG (Renewable Energy Law)

  • DREWAG - Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

Study: Use of the CombiFuel-method for producing methanol from residue stabilat 




  • VER GmbH

Development of calculation program for thermal processes "PALITO"

  • VER GmbH

Study on the CombiFuel-process for different feedstocks




  • BUS Zinkrecycling Freiberg GmbH

Study of zinc sludge recycling

  • DK-Recycling and Roheisen Duisburg GmbH

Study on drying of washing tower sludge from metal industry

  • VER GmbH

Study for producing liquid fuels from solid carbon by fluidized bed gasification

  • VER GmbH

State analysis of an industrial wood gasification at the site Siebenlehn (GUD)

  • VER GmbH

Process development of CombiFuel-process 



  • City Wolfsburg

Study on gasification of biomass, as well as an energetic use of the products

  • Papierfabrik Hainsberg GmbH (paper mill)

Handout for the Dresden Regional Council to present the paper mill Hainsberg project "Construction and operation of a drying plant for the treatment of residues from the paper production of a biogenic fuel" and "Substitution of coal by use of the produced biogenic fuel in the plant´s own power plant"

  • University of Applied Sciences Dresden

Study work "Method for processing paint sludge and varnish and overview of plant capacity in Germany"

  • VER GmbH

Study on the potential of the drying of sludge from the paper industry

  • Wacker-Chemie GmbH

Studies on the drying mud of Silicon

  • Chemisch-technische Gesellschaft mbH

Studies on drying of a Silicon bulk material




  • FEE Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbarer Energien

Study on wood gasification for 500 kW electric power, according to the EEG

  • DK Recycling und Roheisen Duisburg

Studies on drying washing tower sludge

  • Sächsische Umweltschutz-Consulting GmbH

Studies on drying of processed residual waste

  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Project support in the commissioning of the entire system "tar sludge pelletization"




  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Project support and design tar sludge pelletizing SVZ

  • VER GmbH / VZR Reichstädt

Planning permission to extend the system in Reichstädt

  • VER GmbH

Study "Energy recovery of the paint granulate and the solvent condensate for the generation of heating steam and electric energy"

  • VER GmbH / IBU Röske

Study for exhaust condensate-/sewage treatment for the DFT-plant in Reichstädt



  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Configuration of a drying plant (15 t/h tar-sewage-sludge-mixture)

  • Technical University Dresden

Construction / delivery of an experimental gasifier (75 kW)

  • University of Applied Sciences Dresden / VER GmbH

Study work "Market analysis of the paintsludge generation volume in Germany"

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG / Becker Umweltdienste GmbH / RETHMANN AG & Co. KG

Project development for thermal-mechanical treatment of waste (TMA®)

  • Technical University Dresden / VER GmbH

Diploma thesis "Economic evaluation of a power plant for drying paint and varnish sludge"

  • VER GmbH

Project development 2. stage of DFT-plant in Reichstädt – self-powered mode of operation on the basis of solvents condensate and paint sludge pellets

  • FH Finsterwalde

Gasification tests on the use of wood pellets in LQV-processing

  • VER GmbH / VZR Reichstädt

Planning and construction of an activated carbon stage to reduce the AOX content in the waste water – DFT-plant Reichstädt

  • VER GmbH/ VZR Reichstädt

Technical support during the construction of a plant for catalytic exhaust cleaning (in collaboration with KEU GmbH Bremen)

  • Becker Umweltdienste GmbH

Planning approval for a hazardous waste incinerator

  • FEE Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V. (Development Fund of Renewable Energies)

Study "Design of integrated demonstration systems"

  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Drying experiments with tar sludge

  • Technical University Dresden

Project to build a pilot plant for gasification of wood

  • Standardkessel (boiler)

Project sewage sludge drying

  • E.S.T. Steinbach/Sa.

Analysis and optimization of the power generation system




  • VER GmbH

Commissioning of the DFT-plant in Reichstädt

  • VER GmbH

Conzeption of the second stage of the recycling center Reichstädt (calculation of profitability)

  • Badischer Winzerkeller Breisach

Trial drying of pomace at DFT-plant in Reichstädt

  • ZEUS Energie- und Umweltsysteme GmbH Zwönitz

Design and construction supervision of a flue gas cleaning system in the waste wood burning

  • BUNA Slow Leuna Olefinverbund GmbH

Project construction-waste-processing for alkaline electrolysis

  • UTEG Berlin

Project 5-MW-gasification plant in modular

  • E.S.T. Steinbach/Sa.

Technical support for the expansion and optimization of a plant for ammunition disposal 

  • ABRG Arnoldstein/A

Technical support to optimize a fluidized bed furnace

  • Amand Umwelttechnik Grumbach GmbH & Co. KG

Study on energy supply and waste heat recovery in the annealing of treated residual waste

  • AVA GmbH & Co KG

Study on fly ash drying in waste incineration plant MHKW Kassel

  • Becker Umweltdienste GmbH

Technical support in the expansion of an industrial waste sorting plant




  • FEE Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V. (Development Fund for Renewable Energy)

Conduct of a 150-h-trial-period for the gasification of wood (within the framework of the EU-Project)

  • FOWUT / VER GmbH

Development of a complex, energetic and ecologically optimized thermal water recycling system for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises

  • VER GmbH / Becker Umweltdienste GmbH

Experimental approach to the treatment of residual waste from DSD-sorting

  • Stork Comprimo SKL, Magdeburg

Study for a  1-MW-gasifier, with Air-crossflow-principle (LQV®) and fuel gas cleaning

  • Nehlsen GmbH

Conduct of a 150-h-trial period for the gasification of Contec-waste-stabilat at Air-crossflow gasification plant (LQV®)

  • FWS GmbH

Gasification tests with SGF at LQV® with downstream PCR-plant for fuel gas cleaning

  • Lehmann Umwelttechnik Jocketa

Compaction of residual waste from DSD-sorting




  • HerHof Umwelttechnik Solms-Niederbiel

Planning and implementation of gasification experiments with mechanical-biological stabilate (MBS)

  • Fritz Schorfmann GmbH & Co KG, Grasberg

Experiments for the gasification of dried sewage sludge

  • VER GmbH

Experiments to reduce emissions from the gasification of dried sewage sludge


1993 - 1995


  • VER GmbH / Technical University Dresden

Experiments for drying paint sludge (1993)

  • VER GmbH

Experiments for briquetting of dried paint sludge, in collaboration with Bepex, Kahl, Münch, Lehmann (1993)

  • VER GmbH

Development of a drying process for industrial sludge after DFT®-method

  • VER GmbH

Development of a gasification technology after Air-crossflow-gasification (LQV®Luft-Querstrom-Vergasungsprinzip)



  •  VER GmbH

Design of corporate concept, company formation and operation of recording on 12/01/1992