Project for further development of gasification plant for plastic waste


Orderer: DEUSA International GmbH




DEUSA International GmbH is a long traditional company of salt mining with headquarters in Thuringia. In order to stabilize the main cost factor (energy) of the salt production, DEUSA International GmbH tried for several years to build a proces chain for the production of fuel gas from plastic waste.

The goal is to develope with help of cooperation with VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH, to change the plant in process engineering and construction, so that the energy content of the plastic waste are used. After completion of realization will be heat, electricity and industry gas created.




  • 2008: Tests for fuel gas cleaning, during a test drive of line 1,
  • 2009: Continuation of the preliminary tests for fuel gas cleaning with fluidized bed cooling (WSK),
  • 2010: Processing and monitoring of the permit application for the plant conversion,
  • 2011: Preparations for waste management.


More information can be found here.