Selected projects plant design / construction and operation at a glance

2019 to date...

  • Operation of the DFT plant at the Reichstädt site.
    • Production of K products, including K pellets as animal bedding,
    • Production of K-Hydrolate for agriculture as a plant strengthening agent,
    • Production of K-Hydrolat as cleaning and disinfecting agent,
    • Production of pine essential oil.


  • Reengineering VZR Reichstädt Process Center Ltd.
    • Planning of the change of use of a plant for the production of wood pellets. 



  • Planning and construction of a fuel gas cleaning system for the IFF Fraunhofer Institute in Magdeburg.
    • WSV & WSK with a biomass-fuel capacity of 1 MW.


2011 - today


  • DEUSA International GmbH

Planning and construction preparation of the DMSV-plant (DEUSA-multi-stage-gasification-plant) for plastics


  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

Commissioning LMSV-plant (Air-multi-stage-gasifier)




  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, IFF (Institute for Factory operation and automation)

Planning, construction and commissioning of an fuel gas cleaning system with WSK (fluidized bed cooling) for 600 Nm³/h flue gas from wood gasification




  • RWTH Aachen

Realization of the flue gas recirculation for OXYCOAL-AC process

  • DEUSA International GmbH

Test procedure for gas conditioning of a gasification plant

  • Amand Umwelttechnik Lockwitz GmbH & Co.KG

Test procedure for additional flue gas cleaning at power plant of Amand Umwelttechnik Lockwitz GmbH & Co.KG




  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

CombiCompact-gasification plant in modular construction

  • Technical University Dresden

Manufacturing of a fluidized bed cooler with tar binding fluidization medium

  • POW AG

Construction preparation CombiPower plant Naundorf




  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH/ WV Wärmeversorgung (heat supply) Großenhain GmbH

Basic Engineering for nature wood gasification and/or plantation wood with 3,5 t/h

  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH/ Company from Thüringia

Planning for a biomass gasification plant by the LQV-process with a fuel power of 2000 kW




  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Delivery, construction management and commissioning of a drying plant for 120,000 t/a tar-sewage-sludge-mixture (DFT - vapor fluid dryer)




  •  Technical University Dresden

Delivery of a 75 kW testing gasifier

  • ZEUS Energie- und Umweltsysteme Zwönitz GmbH

Planning, delivery and commissioning of a flue gas cleaning plant for a wood chips firing low-power < 1MW thermal

  • VER GmbH / VZR Reichstädt

Extension of DFT®-plant in Reichstädt with planning and construction of a biological exhaust cleaning system




  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Order to supply, construction management and commissioning of a drying plant for 120.000 t/a tar-sewage-sludge-mixture




  • VER GmbH

Production operation at the plant for paint sludge drying in Reichstädt (Sa.)


1996 - 1998


  • VER GmbH

Construction of the plant for color and paint sludge drying in Reichstädt (Sa.) by the DFT®-process with evaporation power of 1000 kg/h


1994 - 1996


  • VER GmbH

Development and approval planning for the color and paint sluge drying plant in Reichstädt (Sa.)




  • VER GmbH

Testing operation at the LQV® (Air cross-flow gasification) plant in Freital (pilot plant)


1993 – 1995

  • VER GmbH

Development, planning and construction of the LQV®  (Air cross-flow gasification) plant in Freital (pilot plant)