VZR - Recycling Center Reichstädt


Orderer: VER GmbH




The VER GmbH developed the DFT (steam fluid drying) technology specially for the drying of colour and paint sludges in Reichstädt, near Dresden.

Following an acceptance monitoring directly delivered sludge from the waste producers (mainly automotive industrie), this was funded directly in the continous steam-fluid-dryer.

The drying process with a water steam atmosphere removes the water and the volatile components of organic compounds (solvents) out of the sludge.

In a further processing stage, water and solvent are separated. The solid can be supplied as a dry, free-flowing granulate or pellet to a material or thermal processing.

On 11.11.2002 the realized project VZR was awarded by DaimlerChrysler AG with the environmental Prize in the category "Product related environmental protection".




  • 12/24/1993: Patent application,
  • 05/1995:       Approval BImSchV I,
  • 10/09/1996: Foundation stone ceremony,
  • 12/1997:       Start of operation,
  • 09/06/1999: Naming,
  • 01/2001:       10,000 tons of piant sludge,
  • 03/2001:       BImSchV-approval II,
  • 08/08/2002: 20,000 tons of paint sludge,
  • 11/11/2002: DaimlerChrysler Environmental Prize,
  • 10/01/2003: Splitting the company, VZR takeover by the BUD GmbH,
  • 06/30/2009: Cessation of the operation by BUD GmbH.


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