All projects for Engineering in an overview




  • XINWEN MINIG GROUP CO, Synfuels China (Institut of Coal Chemistry), e.g.

DWT-Presentation in China

  • CHOREN Industries GmbH

Study on drying of 2 Million tons coal in China

  • Central Arava Regional Council, e.g.

Study for 1 till 2 MW power biomass gasification (Israel: Arava, Negev-desert)

  • DEUSA International GmbH

Study to prepare the market launch of the DMSV-plant for gasification of RDF




  • Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH

Tests to dry different materials in Switzerland




  • DEUSA International GmbH

Preparation of approval documents of a multi-stage gasification plant for plastic waste

  • GfE GmbH

Study on the recovery of vanadium from bitumen by using fluidized bed gasification

  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Study on DWT (steam-fluidized bed-drying)




  • Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH, VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Completion of a collaboration and licensing agreement for DFT / CFT - Procedures


  • HMS-Bergbau AG, VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

State analysis for tar sludge pelletizing of Sustec GmbH in Schwarze Pumpe




  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

Research and development contract in the context of promoting technology

  •  DEUSA International GmbH

Experimental procedure for gas conditioning of gasification plant




  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Study on the processing of olive pomace in Spain




  • OZEN-Plus Sp.o.o.

Analysis/evaluation of the charcoal factory under construction specifically the part wood pyrolysis, pyrolysis gas combustion and waste heat utilization

  • DEUSA International GmbH

Reengineering of the gas treatment for the thermolysis plant

  • Zarnack Holding GmbH

Creation of a short prelimenary business plan for financing

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik Lockwitz GmbH & Co. KG

Decision document for the restructuring of GUD-HKW Siebenlehn

  • eta AG engineering

Planning permission for the erection of a large-size CombiPowerPlus for the gasification of RESH

  • RWTH Aachen

Development and implementation planning for a flue gas rezirculation for OXYCOAL-AC process




  • René Roscher

Elaboration of the thesis: "Design, construction and testing of a fluidized bed cooler  for tar reduction in wood gas" during the investment planning of a fluidized bed cooler at the Technical University of Dresden

  • eta AG engineering

Planning services for the construction of a pilot plant for gasification (type CombiPower) of calorific feedstocks

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG / TW Coswig

Study: Heat supply of the City Coswig through the use of an alternative energy carrier substance

  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

Process design of a CombiCompact-gasification plant in modular design

  • Pyral GmbH Freiberg

Consulting services to optimize the existing gasification plant

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Study: Feasibily and efficiency of a wood incinerator for waste wood




  • Technical University Dresden

Design, construction and production of a fluidized bed cooler with tar binding fluidization

  • Vattenfall Mining AG

Study: State of the technology of drying processes for raw lignite

  • LEHMANN Maschinenbau GmbH

Thermal design of a drying plant (3 MW)

  • Technical University Dresden

Tests to gasify digestate from the biogas production in cooperation with the Technical University Dresden

  • Sustec SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Tests on drying and pelleting behavior of coal slurry at tar sludge pelletizing plant

  • WV Wärmeversorgung Großenhain (heat supply)

Study: Calculation of the heat supply area "Kupferberg"




  • CEBra-Centrum für Energietechnologie Brandenburg e.V.

Study: Selection and design of a biomass gasification plant with 200 kW thermal

  • VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Study: Development of fuel-energy coupling process for the simultaneous production of electricity and methanol from brown coal

  • Dresdner Spitzen GmbH

Location-based energy industry investigation

  • WV Wärmeversorgung Großenhain (heat supply)

Study: Application of the method CombiPower for generating electricity and heat from wood, according to the EEG (Renewable Energy Law)

  • DREWAG - Stadtwerke Dresden GmbH

Study: Use of the CombiFuel-method for producing methanol from residue stabilat 




  • VER GmbH

Development of calculation program for thermal processes "PALITO"

  • VER GmbH

Study on the CombiFuel-process for different feedstocks




  • BUS Zinkrecycling Freiberg GmbH

Study of zinc sludge recycling

  • DK-Recycling and Roheisen Duisburg GmbH

Study on drying of washing tower sludge from metal industry

  • VER GmbH

Study for producing liquid fuels from solid carbon by fluidized bed gasification

  • VER GmbH

State analysis of an industrial wood gasification at the site Siebenlehn (GUD)

  • VER GmbH

Process development of CombiFuel-process 



  • City Wolfsburg

Study on gasification of biomass, as well as an energetic use of the products

  • Papierfabrik Hainsberg GmbH (paper mill)

Handout for the Dresden Regional Council to present the paper mill Hainsberg project "Construction and operation of a drying plant for the treatment of residues from the paper production of a biogenic fuel" and "Substitution of coal by use of the produced biogenic fuel in the plant´s own power plant"

  • University of Applied Sciences Dresden

Study work "Method for processing paint sludge and varnish and overview of plant capacity in Germany"

  • VER GmbH

Study on the potential of the drying of sludge from the paper industry

  • Wacker-Chemie GmbH

Studies on the drying mud of Silicon

  • Chemisch-technische Gesellschaft mbH

Studies on drying of a Silicon bulk material




  • FEE Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbarer Energien

Study on wood gasification for 500 kW electric power, according to the EEG

  • DK Recycling und Roheisen Duisburg

Studies on drying washing tower sludge

  • Sächsische Umweltschutz-Consulting GmbH

Studies on drying of processed residual waste

  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Project support in the commissioning of the entire system "tar sludge pelletization"




  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Project support and design tar sludge pelletizing SVZ

  • VER GmbH / VZR Reichstädt

Planning permission to extend the system in Reichstädt

  • VER GmbH

Study "Energy recovery of the paint granulate and the solvent condensate for the generation of heating steam and electric energy"

  • VER GmbH / IBU Röske

Study for exhaust condensate-/sewage treatment for the DFT-plant in Reichstädt



  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Configuration of a drying plant (15 t/h tar-sewage-sludge-mixture)

  • Technical University Dresden

Construction / delivery of an experimental gasifier (75 kW)

  • University of Applied Sciences Dresden / VER GmbH

Study work "Market analysis of the paintsludge generation volume in Germany"

  • AMAND Umwelttechnik GmbH & Co. KG / Becker Umweltdienste GmbH / RETHMANN AG & Co. KG

Project development for thermal-mechanical treatment of waste (TMA®)

  • Technical University Dresden / VER GmbH

Diploma thesis "Economic evaluation of a power plant for drying paint and varnish sludge"

  • VER GmbH

Project development 2. stage of DFT-plant in Reichstädt – self-powered mode of operation on the basis of solvents condensate and paint sludge pellets

  • FH Finsterwalde

Gasification tests on the use of wood pellets in LQV-processing

  • VER GmbH / VZR Reichstädt

Planning and construction of an activated carbon stage to reduce the AOX content in the waste water – DFT-plant Reichstädt

  • VER GmbH/ VZR Reichstädt

Technical support during the construction of a plant for catalytic exhaust cleaning (in collaboration with KEU GmbH Bremen)

  • Becker Umweltdienste GmbH

Planning approval for a hazardous waste incinerator

  • FEE Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V. (Development Fund of Renewable Energies)

Study "Design of integrated demonstration systems"

  • SVZ Schwarze Pumpe GmbH

Drying experiments with tar sludge

  • Technical University Dresden

Project to build a pilot plant for gasification of wood

  • Standardkessel (boiler)

Project sewage sludge drying

  • E.S.T. Steinbach/Sa.

Analysis and optimization of the power generation system




  • VER GmbH

Commissioning of the DFT-plant in Reichstädt

  • VER GmbH

Conzeption of the second stage of the recycling center Reichstädt (calculation of profitability)

  • Badischer Winzerkeller Breisach

Trial drying of pomace at DFT-plant in Reichstädt

  • ZEUS Energie- und Umweltsysteme GmbH Zwönitz

Design and construction supervision of a flue gas cleaning system in the waste wood burning

  • BUNA Slow Leuna Olefinverbund GmbH

Project construction-waste-processing for alkaline electrolysis

  • UTEG Berlin

Project 5-MW-gasification plant in modular

  • E.S.T. Steinbach/Sa.

Technical support for the expansion and optimization of a plant for ammunition disposal 

  • ABRG Arnoldstein/A

Technical support to optimize a fluidized bed furnace

  • Amand Umwelttechnik Grumbach GmbH & Co. KG

Study on energy supply and waste heat recovery in the annealing of treated residual waste

  • AVA GmbH & Co KG

Study on fly ash drying in waste incineration plant MHKW Kassel

  • Becker Umweltdienste GmbH

Technical support in the expansion of an industrial waste sorting plant




  • FEE Fördergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V. (Development Fund for Renewable Energy)

Conduct of a 150-h-trial-period for the gasification of wood (within the framework of the EU-Project)

  • FOWUT / VER GmbH

Development of a complex, energetic and ecologically optimized thermal water recycling system for small and medium-sized industrial and commercial enterprises

  • VER GmbH / Becker Umweltdienste GmbH

Experimental approach to the treatment of residual waste from DSD-sorting

  • Stork Comprimo SKL, Magdeburg

Study for a  1-MW-gasifier, with Air-crossflow-principle (LQV®) and fuel gas cleaning

  • Nehlsen GmbH

Conduct of a 150-h-trial period for the gasification of Contec-waste-stabilat at Air-crossflow gasification plant (LQV®)

  • FWS GmbH

Gasification tests with SGF at LQV® with downstream PCR-plant for fuel gas cleaning

  • Lehmann Umwelttechnik Jocketa

Compaction of residual waste from DSD-sorting




  • HerHof Umwelttechnik Solms-Niederbiel

Planning and implementation of gasification experiments with mechanical-biological stabilate (MBS)

  • Fritz Schorfmann GmbH & Co KG, Grasberg

Experiments for the gasification of dried sewage sludge

  • VER GmbH

Experiments to reduce emissions from the gasification of dried sewage sludge


1993 - 1995


  • VER GmbH / Technical University Dresden

Experiments for drying paint sludge (1993)

  • VER GmbH

Experiments for briquetting of dried paint sludge, in collaboration with Bepex, Kahl, Münch, Lehmann (1993)

  • VER GmbH

Development of a drying process for industrial sludge after DFT®-method

  • VER GmbH

Development of a gasification technology after Air-crossflow-gasification (LQV®Luft-Querstrom-Vergasungsprinzip)



  •  VER GmbH

Design of corporate concept, company formation and operation of recording on 12/01/1992