VER Verfahrensingenieure GmbH

Breitscheidstraße 78

D-01237 Dresden


Via highway (departure Dresden-Prohlis):

Drive in the direction city center. After you have crossed the B172, take the street "Langer Weg" until you have left in the "Mügelner Straße" and then turn right into "Moränenende". After you are under the railway bridge, turn right into "Wilhelm-Liebknecht-Straße".

Follow the course until you get directly to the Breitscheidstraße. On the right you will see the building complex.


Via train:

Take the S Bahn (runs 4 times an hour from Neustadt train station and railway station) to the breakpoint Dresden-Dobritz. Have reached from there you run in a northeasterly direction for about 5 minutes to the building complex at the Breitscheidstraße 78th.


Inside the building

If you enter via the main entrance (at the overview panel on the street) you have direct views of the complex part A. Enter the building at the main entrance A1. In the first Floor, you go right through the door, then along the corridor until you see our sign on the right side.